Thursday, October 29, 2009

Panoramic view of the Boston Public Library Interior

I have been taking a Architectural Photography class that is taught by Keitaro Yoshioka. The class is wonderful, I am learning a lot from Keitaro on style, composition and PhotoShop techniques!! For our last class next week, we will be presenting our top ten photos that we took since we started our class. I think I will be including this panoramic photo that I took recently at the Boston Public Library.
For some reason, I have never been to the McKim Building of the Boston Public Library! I always go in the library from the newer side. So it was amazing when I stepped in the old section of the library. I took the photo from the Main Stairs at the Entrance Hall. The tall ceiling, mural paintings, and the sculptures were totally mesmerizing. I took a few shots here and made this panoramic photo that capture the dramatic atmosphere.
The McKim Building reminds me the Great Hall at the Library of Congress. I cannot wait to go back to DC to take more photos at the Library of Congress. It is one of my favorite architectural building in DC.


Emily said...

Ooh I love it!

second law of thermodynamics said...

I love the BPL! Keep trying to get a chance to shoot in there but the hours don't synch...