Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Website and Blog

I am so happy to announce that I recently redesigned my photography website and blog!

Here are the updated links:

You can always find me on Facebook and Twitter also.

Thanks for all your support, please check out my new site and blog and leave some comments!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - Your Best Photos of 2009

2009 was a year of transition for me, I moved back to Boston after living in Washingtion, DC for 2.5 years. I took A LOT of photos when I was in DC, I was pretty much acting like a tourist everyday. I took this photo in the Tivoli North/Columbia Heights area in DC, which is was one of the "up-and-coming" neighborhoods in DC.

I selected this particular photo as one of my favorite shots throughout 2009, because I just love the colors on the row houses against the clear blue sky.

Here is the gallery of photos from others for - Your Best of 2009.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holiday to Everyone. Thanks for all your support of reading my blog this past year!!!

I will have some more exciting updates about my photography next year!!


Friday, November 6, 2009

NESOP Architectural Photography Class

Here are some of my photographs for my architectural photography presentation, I included some Boston skyline (day, dusk, night), Boston Public Library, Brooklyn building, and Medfield residential shots.

I am really happy with the class at New England School of Photography (NESOP). I met a new group of creative photographers and instructor, learned about photography techniques and composition, and Photoshop!!!

But more importantly, it gave me reasons/excuses to explore Boston with a new set of eyes (like a tourist!) and take "amazing" photos.

I still have more to learn and hope to continue my photography track and share more photos with everyone.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Small Big House in Medfield, Mass

I am on a mission to take a few more architectural photos for my photography class's final presentation that is due on Thursday!!!

I decided to include some residential architecture in the presentation and photographed this particular house that was recently renovated. It took a couple attempts to get the photos done due to the overcast weather!! I am happy I was able to get this shot in today's rain! Daylight Saving Time didn't help either. It got dark so early now, like around 4-5pm.

In my not-so-architectural terms: This house was built in 1930s with a second floor addition from 1960s. The current owners of the house hired Single Speed Design for the renovation. The renovation was mainly involved with completely rebuilt the second floor to a much more open and eco-friendly area. They also rebuilt the front main entrance to match the openness of the second floor. Now, this home looks modern and simple, and it is very open and bright inside and out.

For more detail about the architectural design, you can visit Single Speed Design's website.

This house was also recently featured in the October 2009 Boston Magazine - Fall Home Design 2009: Take Two.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Panoramic view of the Boston Public Library Interior

I have been taking a Architectural Photography class that is taught by Keitaro Yoshioka. The class is wonderful, I am learning a lot from Keitaro on style, composition and PhotoShop techniques!! For our last class next week, we will be presenting our top ten photos that we took since we started our class. I think I will be including this panoramic photo that I took recently at the Boston Public Library.
For some reason, I have never been to the McKim Building of the Boston Public Library! I always go in the library from the newer side. So it was amazing when I stepped in the old section of the library. I took the photo from the Main Stairs at the Entrance Hall. The tall ceiling, mural paintings, and the sculptures were totally mesmerizing. I took a few shots here and made this panoramic photo that capture the dramatic atmosphere.
The McKim Building reminds me the Great Hall at the Library of Congress. I cannot wait to go back to DC to take more photos at the Library of Congress. It is one of my favorite architectural building in DC.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheng & Tsui Joins The Fun at BCNC Street Fair

DSC_6235, originally uploaded by

Cheng & Tsui is an independent publisher and distributor of English and multilingual educational materials about Asia. They had their company booth setup as part of the BCNC Street Festival in Septebmer. They used one of my photos from the event for their newsletter.

Cheng & Tsui Joins The Fun at BCNC Street Fair
On September 26th, Cheng & Tsui was on hand for the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center's 24th Annual Oak Street Fair. Attendees were greeted with sunshine and a cool breeze at the corner of Oak Street and Shawmut Avenue for the yearly event. Over 1700 children and adults made the rounds between attractions that included games, art projects, cultural performances and community resources.

Cheng & Tsui ran a very popular Chinese-color bingo game for the kids while discussing our materials with their parents and interested passersby. We would like to thank the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, our fellow exhibitors, and everyone who stopped by to say hello for making the day such a success!

Learn more about the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center and the important work they do in the local Chinese-American community at their website.

Photo © Karman Lee